Sports and Nature Tourism

Sports and Nature Tourism

Although, Istanbul is not first choice for Nature and Sports tourism, Çatalca and Şile districts of Istanbul good place for this tourism. There are a lot of activities as like, nature walking, off-road, orienteering, cycling, paragliding, bird watching in Şile and Çatalca.

1-Golf Tourism

There are two Golf fields qualificate to use. One of them in Silivri and the other in Sarıyer.


There are a lot of paragliding area for professional and amateur athlete.

Çatalca: Çatalca is good place for new starters.

Karaburun:This place suitable for rise and to fly by and also this place to fly with North winds.


It is a place where the southern winds dominate.


It's a field with a lot of north winds.  It is difficult to descend because it is steep slope and there is not too much flat on the ground.


An area that is used as an alternative in times when there is a lot of wind in Çatalca.

3-Bird watching

Büyükçekmece Lake:

The lake has an important bird area status with large number of water birds, especially Elmabaş. Silver gulls in winter but small gulls and mediterranean gulls can be seen in the spring.


The best places to see bird migration in spring and autumn are the Sarıyer ridges in Europe and the Small and Big Çamlıca in Asia.

Şile islands:

The four islands situated at the port entrance of Şile district of Istanbul on the shores of the Black Sea.The area here gains important bird area status with the breeding peaked cormorant population.The majority of them are hugging the largest island and the island east of it.

4-Plant analysis

Belgrad forest:

Belgrade Forest is a forest formed by numerous tree and plant species in winter.The first order among the trees is oak. Then the most common type of tree is eastern beech, common hornbeam and Anatolian chestnut.

Atatürk Arboretum:

There are more than 1500 plant species. There is a rich maple and oak collection. There are also many onion plant species.



Küçükçekmece duck and wild goose near the lake.There are ducks and geese around Alibeyköy Dam Lake. There are wild boars in the Belgrade Forests near Kemerburgaz.


In the northwest, Yalıköy region was designated as the production area of roe and pheasant. Durusu (Terkos) Lake is the habitat for ducks and wild goose. The fly region is designated as the pheasant protection area.


The northeastern border of Beykoz has rabbits and foxes, and rarely mountainous parts. There are geese and ducks around Ömerli Dam Lake and wild boar in forested areas.

Other protected areas in the city are:

  • İstanbul-Sarıyer-Feneryolu- Wildlife protect area
  • İstanbul-Çatalca, Yalıköy (Çilingöz) -Wildlife protect area
  • İstanbul-Arnavutköy-Şamlar Ağaçlandırması) -Wildlife protect area
  • İstanbul-Silivri,- Fly Pheasant Placement
  • Göknarlık -Natural protecting area
  • Polonezköy –Natural park
  • Türkmenbaşı-Natural park(Hacıosman Natural park)
  • Subaşı Havuzlar Çınarı -Natural monument