Beyoğlu / Fatih (Eminönü) – Turkish Coffee

Turkish Coffee is an important part of daily life in Türkiye. We have an old saying in our country that “having a cup of Turkish Coffee with a beloved one creates unforgettable memories which will be remembered for forty years”. It’s always part of our happy memories, long conversations and break times. One of the reasons which makes Turkish coffee so special is that, it has its own rituals. Its acquisition, the way it’s prepared and drank is considerably different from other coffee varieties. It’s one of the indispensable flavors you can buy at Eminönü and sip with your loved ones. After enjoying your coffee, you may make your  fortune read from  the cups which is part of the tradition in Türkiye. Another saying regarding Turkish Coffee is: “The heart neither wishes coffee, nor the coffee house; heart wishes to be with companions, coffee is the excuse” which emphasizes its role within our communication culture.

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