Beykoz – Beykoz Glass Art

A new advancement was made in Ottoman glass art at the beginning of 19th century. A Mevlevi Dervish named Mehmet Dede was sent to Italy (1807) by Sultan Selim III, to learn glass art and enhance his knowledge. After working in Italy for a while, he has opened a glass work shop in the town of Beykoz and started to produce a variety of glass work. Later on, this art was named after the town where it was produced. Beykoz Style Glass Art offers examples of gulabdans (rose water bottles), pitchers, casters, bowl examples with different techniques and patterns such as Çeşm-i Bülbül, Maydonozlu, Mine (glazed) Décor and Yaldızlı (gilded). On your visit to Istanbul, you can make your loved ones happy with gifts of Beykoz Style Glass Art.

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