Fatih (Mahmutpaşa) – Dowry, Clothing, Accessories

Nowadays part of the town of Fatih, Mahmutpaşa has always been an important shopping hub. Adjacent hans and stores in narrow streets are clustered according to the goods they sell from towels to slippers, clothing to accessories. Going to Mahmutpaşa and shopping for important ceremonies such as engagements, weddings, circumcision celebrations is a must do for the Istanbulites. Dowry is carefully selected from the stores at Mahmutpaşa, all the necessary supplies for engagement and wedding preparations are also found there. Boys are also brought to Mahmutpaşa for circumcision ceremony to buy the clothes they like most. For Hajj, the religious obligation that requires the most preparation, Mahmutpaşa is also the first place to visit. Presents for friends and family are also available in Mahmutpaşa.