Tastes of İstanbul

Adalar (Princes’ Islands); Fish, Meze1,Ice Cream
Beşiktaş; Fish, Turşu2
Beşiktaş Bebek; Marzipan (Badem Ezmesi)
Beşiktaş Ortaköy; Kumpir3,
Beykoz; Beykoz Paça Soup4
Beykoz Anadolu Kavağı; Fish
Beyoğlu; Beyoğlu Chocolate
Beyoğlu Balık Pazarı; Fish, Meze1
Beyoğlu Cihangir; Turşu2
Beyoğlu Sütlüce; Uykuluk5
Çatalca; Water Buffalo Yogurt
Eyüpsultan; Eyüp Güveci6, Eyüp Halkası7 , Almond (Acıbadem) Cookies8
Eyüpsultan Alibeyköy; Tulumba Dessert9, Pickles
Eyüpsultan Kemerburgaz; Pickles, Köfte10
Fatih Eminönü; Fish Sandwich
Fatih Ladies Market; Büryan11
Fatih Kıztaşı; Kelle Paça Soup12
Fatih Kumkapı; Fish, Meze1
Fatih Samatya; Kebap13, Fish, Meze1
Fatih Sultanahmet; Köfte10
Fatih Süleymaniye; Kuru Fasulye14
Fatih Unkapanı; Rice with Chicken
Fatih Vefa;Boza15
Kadıköy Moda; Ice Cream, Chocolate
Sarıyer; Sarıyer Börek16, Sarıyer Pudding (Muhallebi), Fish
Sarıyer Rumeli Kavağı; Fish, Mussel, Figs
Silivri; Kaymaklı Tepsi Yogurt17 
Silivri Selimpaşa; Okra, Melon
Şile; Fish
Şile Ağva; Fish, Mancarlı Pide18
Üsküdar; ,Köfte10, Fish, Turşu2
Üsküdar Çamlıca; Üsküdar Simit19
Üsküdar Kanlıca; Kanlıca Yogurt20
Üsküdar Kuzguncuk; Almond (Acıbadem) Cookies8, Chocolate
Üsküdar Çengelköy; Çengelköy Cucumber
Tuzla; Köfte10, Fish
Zeytinburnu Merkezefendi; Köfte10
Zeytinburnu Yedikule; Lettuce

1 Meze are small portioned appetizers (similar to tapas). In a restaurant you either select them from a display or a waiter brings a tray of selections to your table.
2 Vegetable or fruit fermented by leaving it in salt water, vinegar.
3 Specially baked potatoes are filled with ingredients like cheese, corn, peas and so on
It is a kind of soup which is made from the leg meat of bovine animals or small cattle.
5 Spleen from the animals sheep and cow.
Unlike the name suggests (güveç means casserole in Turkish), it’s a type of pide special to Eyüp district.
7 Ring shaped salty pastry.
8 These Almond Cookies are made solely with almond flour (no all purpose flour here), later two cookies are stuck back to back. Slightly crunchy (at least texture wise) on the outside and chewy on the inside. Called Acıbadem (bitter almond) cookies because traditionally they were made with bitter tasting almonds.
9 It is a dessert that is fried by giving the prepared dough a serrated shape and then sweetened with sorbet.
10 Köfte, is a food that includes mincemeat, onion, breadcrumbs and some spices In Türkiye and are not  ball shaped. They can be either rather flat or roll shaped  and sometimes stuffed with kaşar (a very popular Turkish cheese).
11 Kebab cooked without water in the floor furnace.
12 It is a kind of soup which is made from cut giblets of small and bovine animals.
13 Meat cooked directly on the fire or without water in a pot
14  Food made of beans, with or without meat, with tomato paste
15 A creamy fermented drink, traditionally made from millet. Mostly consumed in winter with a dash of cinnamon and roasted chickpeas. At a Boza store there will be a choice of sweet and sour.
16 The pastry that is baked in various ways by adding cheese, minced meat, spinach, etc. between the rolled dough or dough.
17 Yoghurt with creamy skin on top, made in a large baking tin, before supermarkets and plastic packaging took over commercial yogurt was made in large trays and until about the early 1980s “yogurtcu” (yogurt man) would carry two large trays hanging from a wooden stick over his shoulders, walking and shouting out in the neighbourhoods, cutting pieces of yogurt for his customers. Yogurt in Türkiye is quite thick and has a fatty skin on top, which we call kaymak (clotted cream).
18  Pide with spinach and mallow stuffing
19 Baked dough in the form of a ring, usually topped with sesame seeds
20  Yoghurt served with a sprinkle of powdered sugar