Yatch Tourism

Yatch tourism is a tourism activity on the water with a yacht for tourists to visit multiple coastal areas. İstanbul has 2 yacht ports with a capacity of 2070 holding tourism management certificate from our Ministry. In addition, 1 marina with a capacity of 870 is under construction.

From the north sea, yachtsmen can reach the European canal system and the Black Sea ports and the Bosphorus and marinas with the European inland waters, and the Turkish Mediterranean beaches and marinas can be reached in a short and safe way (İstanbul Development Agency-ISTKA).

Visitors coming to İstanbul for yacht tourism travel under three bridges that connect Asia and Europe, and travel through fortresses, palaces and mosques that accompany the unique view of the Bosphorus. In addition, they can travel in the bays and gulfs of the Islands when the Bosphorus is opened to the Golden Horn and from the strait to the Sea of Marmara.

İstanbul Development Agency (İSTKA)