City Tourism

City / city tourism is a tourism activity which takes place in the urban area due to its location at the intersection points of transportation and characterized by non-agricultural economy such as administration, trade, production and services. City / city destinations offer a wide and heterogeneous range of cultural, architectural, technological, social and natural experiences and products for leisure and business (UNWTO).

The increasing interest in urban tourism is due to behavioral changes that make cities centers of culture and relaxation where people eat, shop and spend time (European Commission).

İstanbul visitors, museums, historical bazaars, religious buildings, monuments, etc. It offers a journey that includes the opportunity to see cultural places, the opportunity to participate in many alternative artistic and cultural activities and sports activities, and unlimited shopping opportunities. At the same time, Istanbul attracts people of different ages, languages, religions and social groups with this diversity.

United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) 

European Commision