Sports Tourism

Sports tourism is a tourism activity (UNWTO) that expresses the travel experience of a tourist who either observes as a spectator or participates actively in a sports event that includes competitive commercial and non-commercial activities in general.

İstanbul hosts a wide variety of sporting events such as football matches, tennis cups, volleyball and basketball tournaments, billiards, baseball, handball matches and swimming and golf competitions. Athletes and sports fans from all over the world come together in İstanbul for intercontinental events. Some of these activities are: Formula1: Formula 1 DhLTurkish Grand Prix 2020, which has millions of viewers around the world, was held at Tuzla Intercity İstanbul Park on 13-14-15 November 2020 after a nine-year break. Bosphorus Intercontinental Swimming Competition: It is an annual swimming competition from Asia to Europe, organized once a year in İstanbul for everyone; professional or amateur. İstanbul Marathon: The İstanbul Marathon is the world's only intercontinental marathon that starts on the Asian side crossing the Bosphorus and ending in the European side of the city.

United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)