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In-city transportation

In-city transportation:

There are variety of In-city transport vehicles in Istanbul such as Minibus, Bus, Metrobus, Underground(subway), Tramline, Steamboat and Ferry.

Istanbul Card

Istanbul card is a customized Travel Card which anybody can buy and load credit. It can be used at all modes of transportation.It can be purchased from over 2100 IETT Counters and Private Vendors around Istanbul. Standard card fee is 6 Turkish Liras.

Point of Sales

Intercity transportation:

 There is highway connection from Istanbul through to all Turkey. There are two land transport places domestic transportation in Asian part Harem coach station and in European part Esenler coach station.

International Highway Transportation:

There are bus services from Istabul to Greece, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, Jordan, Swiss, Austria, Makedonia.

Coach Station Phone number: (+90-212) 658 05 05 - 658 10 10 - 658 00 36 (9 Line) - 333 37 63 - 310 63 63


Sea Route:


There are two airports in Istanbul. One is Sabiha Gökçen in Asia and  another is Atatürk Airport in Europe. You can also rent airplanes and helicopters in Istanbul.