There are more than one name in history of Istanbul’s islands. Theese are; Monk islands, Soul islands, Genie islands, Ring islands, Prince islands, etc.  Prince islands is well known name. The reason is that from the Roman to the end of Byzantine period, nobility, princes and even queens were killed in various torture.


This is the largest island of Princes’ islands. The surface area is 5,4 km. There are two hills and theese are: on South with 203m height Yucetepe, North 164m  height Monastery hills. Büyükada was decorated with new mansions during the Republican era and it became sightseeing palce of the Istanbul’s people. Aya yorgi church and monastery placed on the highest hill of island.

Heybeliada is the second biggest island of Istanbul. It is the most popular holiday place for Istanbul’s people. Island has fresh air, beautiful nature and wiev, also it is famous with Sanatorium, Bahriye and Pastor School. Heybeliada ferry services started middle of 19 century. The island's width 2700 meters and it's length is 1200 meters. It is place middle of istanbul's islands. There are four hills in Büyükada, the highest hill is Değirmentepe(136 meters). There are four seaports in Buyukada. Çam port and Bahriye port are important ports.


In early times called ‘’ Safe Harbour’’. Burgazada is the third biggest island of Istanbul. The island’s shape is rounded and the width is 2 kilometers. The only hill on the island is Bayrak Tepesi. Burgazada is one of the most popular places in Istanbul with its climate, beaches, pines, restored elegant mansions. The  area known as the Kalpazankaya rocks is one of the best places to go swimming.


It is one of the smallest island in the settlement of the islands. It is 1500X1100 kilometers in size.Kınalıada got its name because of its red image. There are three hills: Çınar hill, Teşvikiye hill, Manastır hill. Kınalıada is rocky place so that there is no wooded. In the Byzantine period, they used Kınalıada stone in construction of Byzantine walls.


It is the smallest island in the settlement of the islands. It is 1300x1100 meters in size.  There is two beaches.Sedefadası was also used as a place of exile in the Byzantine period like other Istanbul islands.


It is a small island. Width 185 m, Height 740 m. The land is flat, but the coast is usually steeped in the sea.

There is a small port on North. In 1947, Yassıada bought by Turkish naval forces and they were established modern military school there.


It’s on of the smallest island of Istanbul. It has 90 meters height from sea. There is one freshwater well and small port on the South. In the Byzantine period, it was used as an exile island. In antiquity, it was a place for monks who wanted to retreat.

It is small island stayed on east of Burgazada. Old name was Pita. Area is several hundred meters width from North to South. There are two small houses and a small port on island.


Tavşanada is farthest island of Istanbul. (Distance to Istanbul port is 13,5 sea miles). It is bigger than Kaşıkadası. Width hight 90m.Rocky and without tree island.There is 40m height hill on island.On map ''Balıkçıadası'' is official name.